Trail Reports

Status: Closed
Condition: Closed

March 15 Update

With all the lake trail stakes falling over from the week of warm weather, see picture and many fallen over we decided to pickup the trail stakes before we lost them.  Plus we have some rain in the forecast.

Status: Partially Open
Condition: Poor

March 13, 2023 Update

3 days of upper 40's have did a number on the trails, some stakes have fallen over, ice is expanding with warmer temperatures causing heaving, we getting lots of messages through out the midwest, is the snow still good? Last weekend was the last great snowmobile riding weekend. Checking stakes today most are loose. It's back to scratchers. The season is nearing the end, we are discussing when to remove the trail stakes. Eagle nesting picture right off the trail.

Status: Partially Open
Condition: Fair

March 7 2024 Update

Many inquiring about trail conditions. This weekend could be the last chance for great snowmobiling before some warmer temperatures arrive next week. We received a little snow last night along with gale force winds. Take a look at the trail marker. The snow seems glued to it. The good thing about the heavy winds is the trail seems naturally groomed. Not saying they’re in great conditions, but the little bit of riding I did this morning no annoying bumps to speak of. Enjoy winter while we still have it! ?