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As a lot of us are aware, the snowmobile trails in the Northwest Angle area are among the best anywhere, from a grooming aspect, for being well marked as well as marked early in the season and for connecting to trails that take you anywhere you want to go – south to the Baudette Sno-Drifters’ trails and the Roseau Trailblazers’ trails as well as north to the Ontario and Manitoba trails.

Status: Open
Condition: Good

January 26 Update

Mission accomplished, regarding having a doublewide groomed trail from Warroad to the Northwest Angle. That meant Brian, our northern Groomer operator spent eight hours in the Groomer “thinking about life” we had to add an auxiliary fuel tank to make this long trip happen, but everything worked fine the rest of the trails got a single grooming, there are a few slushy areas but the inlet is most prevalent with slushy conditions.  We have some winds in the forecast so we hope the double wide grooming allows smooth trails for a much longer period of time. Have a great weekend everyone and dress warm while the north Groomer was on the road we did a quick drone picture of some local grooming Jenny did today.

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